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Posted by VibrantMan - February 1st, 2021

Musicians predict an uptick in Heavy Metal Music being released into the atmosphere,

It is advised that all citizens seek shelter,

Ever Present Radiation Waves will be unbearable to withstand for many more than three minutes,

Air Pressure Will be too high for Human Safety.


Posted by VibrantMan - January 27th, 2021

Album : Burning

Artist : Light

It's available for free download on bandcamp.

If you like exploring new music this is definitely the place for you.



Posted by VibrantMan - December 18th, 2020

that is all

Posted by VibrantMan - October 22nd, 2020

Creating some tunes that might provide enough energy to traverse the imaginary universe.

Posted by VibrantMan - September 11th, 2020

I am going to keep making music, but it'll probably be a long while before I start posting back on newgrounds again.

I'll probably keep posting on youtube so follow me up on there.

Love you all

I aim to keep creating daily , but I have developed a habit to immediately post finished projects online and I can no longer keep up. Maybe I'll try to post a new song on here at least once a month.

Till then my Friend



Posted by VibrantMan - August 20th, 2020

Hey All,

Went through and Changed the Licensing for all my music on bandcamp.

Everything on the SmileTribe page is now : Attribution Share Alike : which means

"This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work even for commercial reasons, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. This license is often compared to open source software licenses. All new works based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use."

Further reading and details at Creative Commons Organization

All of the music on the SmileTribe page is free for download, I should have all of the stems and recordings from each project, message me on here Newgrounds with any inquiries.

There are a few different genres and style on there, from loops to full songs, from rock, folk, to electronic and hip-hop.

Some Projects feature singing, guitar, drums, piano, and most incorporate heavy electronic elements into them.

Again, the link for SmileTribe bandcamp page


Vibrant Man


Posted by VibrantMan - March 30th, 2020

A thousand echoed through this realm,

the dungeon we crawled and felt as gravity pulled into the sand,

submerge the words of worth and let my death be glorified,

chapter divided into another book, another song, another look,

fighting against the mind that perceives me, the ankor in my mind as i try to set the human deep within me,

against the tides of night,

against the tides of life,

twisted into a single star,

The semblance of a tribe that smiles in the dark, alone and far from those with discarded hearts,

this is goodbye to a vibrant Man, man was never meant to sustain his hands,


Posted by VibrantMan - May 2nd, 2019

I don't remember what day it was,

I felt him here again.


I can't seem to see PoV anymore,

I am out here against shadows.

Posted by VibrantMan - October 22nd, 2018

There is much time.

You can listen carefully.

You are everything.

You are you.